I am proud of my country’s heritage: Bharara

Preet Bharara
Sacked US Attorney Preet Bharara (Reuters)

NEW YORK: Indian-born former top-notch federal prosecutor based in Manhattan Preet Bharara said he is full of pride of his country’s heritage that made him benevolent and forbearing towards other people.
Bharara who struck fear into Wall Street and Albany by charging and prosecuting dozens of Wall Street figures involved with insider trading was sacked by US President Donald Trump as Attorney for the Southern District of New York after he refused to resign.
He is currently a distinguished scholar in residence at New York University’s School of Law where he works on issues like criminal and social justice, honest government, national security, and corporate accountability.
“I am an Indian-American and I am proud of my background, roots and its heritage. I am a huge Springsteen fan…but I also listen to Punjabi Bhangra music,” Bharara said.
Asked about his heritage and background has shaped his personal and professional life, Bharara said he comes from a multi-cultural background and his children know about their “Indian heritage and also about being American.”
Bharara said people would ask him whether his being of Indian heritage and member of a minority group made him more compassionate and tolerant towards other people.
“I say I suppose it does. But what has mattered more to how I think about things is not the fact that I am an Indian- American but that I am an immigrant,” he said adding that he and his family are grateful to what America has given them.
He recalled how his father came to the US with nothing but 40-years later his son became the chief federal law enforcement officer in the financial capital of world.
“The first Indian-American US attorney appointed by the first African-American President. That is not a small thing in the minds of some people…So I began to appreciate that,” he said.