Handle Technology with Care: Leave Addiction to Live Life


In today’s world, technology is the backbone of development. We are living in an era where everything is controlled by it. Definitely the thing that matters most is the way how we actually put it to use. We usually use technology to improve our work efficiency; it certainly has added many advantages to our daily lives. There is no doubt that our daily life is now almost impossible without the use of technology. Proper use of technology makes us efficient, helps us to communicate better, and saves our time too. On the other hand, prolonged use of any technological device such as television, computers, laptops and cell phones make people lazy.

Too much of Anything is Good for Nothing

From the invention of type-writers to the introduction of Microsoft Windows, from one landline phone per home to latest smartphones per hand, technology has given us a lot. It has given us access to all type of information system and now everything is just a click away from us. Social networking system helps us to be in touch with each other and internet marketing has opened doors for more business options.

While some are using technology to improve themselves, to make life better, others are getting addictive to it. Too much addiction to social networking sites may create social isolation in real life which may lead to a lack of social bond with each other. Excess video gaming creates obesity, depression, sleep disorder, loss of hearing and eye sight, headache, muscle pain, backbone pain and at the extreme even personality disorder. Excess use of technology doesn’t allow one to develop his/her personal and physical skills to their highest level. We should understand the parameters of using technology in our daily lives, so that we get the best out of it.

Who are the users?

The answer is everyone. All most everyone, starting from homemakers to the CEO of a company, from students to young professionals, from educators to businessmen, we all use different type of technology in our regular life to simplify our task. Technology has a large effect on our education systems, business projects, corporations, and communication systems.

When is it too much?

It is very important to find a balance in the use of technology. We must be able to determine when it is too much. The symptoms of addictions are:

  • Constantly checking the smartphones or tablets
  • Always connected to social sites and paying too much attention to the news feed
  • Video gaming for hours or watching movies after movies for hours
  • Not giving time to friends and family
  • Sleep disorder, lack of concentration , obesity, and depression
  • Depending too much on technology and becoming ignorant of other aspects of life

If we exhibit any of these symptoms, then it is time to think and rethink about the use of technology. At the point of addiction, we need to force ourselves to turn off our device and turn on to life.

It is our time to decide how to use technology, to use it for self improvement or to destroy us. A proper use of technology will help us to socialize, learn, and communicate better. There always remain two sides for a coin, so it is us who have to decide which side is better to the other in terms of bringing good and excellence to our lives.