Business Trajectory is one of India’s leading online media and digital communications group.
We offer breaking news, exclusive and incisive dose of corporate updates, news features and industry analysis that connect business & economy to everyday decisions, and encourage fresh thinking.
Our news organisation of more than 20 reporters and editors across four Indian major metro cities surpasses that of many larger providers in sector-focused expertise and journalistic knowledge.
The seen and the unseen. For those who love the digital aspect of news roundups…get the choicest capsules on the latest buzz on business, politics, entertainment, technology, infrastructure, healthcare, automobile and much more—your daily dose of the day gone by in pictures and editor’s choice of appealing information slideshows.
To add to the dynamic product delivery through content, Business Trajectory has also established presence in the digital marketing and social media space.

  • Vidyut Kumar Ta

    Vidyut Kumar Ta

    Founder & Editor-in-Chief

    A science graduate from Mumbai University, Vidyut is a senior business journalist, writer and editor. He has an experience of over 24-years in the print, online and TV media industry, with acquaintance in scripting and editing wide-ranging news updates. He has worked with top-notch media establishments in India and the United States of America.

  • Sanjit Kundu

    Sanjit Kundu

    Photo Editor

    A Bachelor of Arts from the Calcutta University with Diploma in Photography from Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, Sanjit is a veteran photo journalist. With experience of over 22-years in the print and online media industry, he has excelled in almost all the genres of photography—mainstream, business and entertainment, offing rare glimpse of every personality through his lens with élan.